Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who would have thunk!

Yesterday when I woke up before my normal arising time, around 6:15 in the morning, I was slowly getting my clothes ready for the day, dragging myself to the bathroom, and getting ready to get in the shower. I got my shower stuff together, got in, turned on the water ready to adjust it to the perfect temperature. Unlike my house shower, that all I have to do is pull the handle out and its almost perfect, hotels are always different. Sometimes you have to turn the dial all the way around before it gets hot, sometimes it gets really hot really fast etc. Well don’t worry when I pulled the handle out I was standing very close to the front of the bathtub, and surprise the shower button was already pushed, and the water was ice cold. GOOD MORNING! There was no escaping no matter what corner of the tub I tried to run to. Needless to say my shower helped me in completely waking up. I was no longer as tired. Note to others if you need help waking up in the morning try surprising yourself in a cold shower!

Now here is a random question/thought What time is appropriate for the hotel staff to start cleaning rooms? For me, it really isn’t a big deal because like I said I have been getting up early ( I know you sick and twisted morning people think that waking up with the sun is normal). Today I was heading back to my room to grab some gear (like my computer so I could blog ) around 7:45 and someone was already cleaning rooms. Now I guess that it could be rooms of people who they know checked out WAY early in the morning to catch a flight, or someone who they know checked out late the day before after the maids were already gone, that is fine as well, but for the rest of the people that I am envious of because they are still sound asleep in their very large comfortable bed… That BITES!

Speaking of my bed (haha good lead in, go me!) At home I have a small little twin bed, which I am fine with. I am not a crazy sleeper and if I decided to make my bed every day it would take only a minute, but I have better things to do with that minute, and know that I will be back the next night (hopefully afternoon). This past weekish I have been in a hotel room by myself. Hotels don’t have twin beds in their room, so I have had a nice king size bed. The first night I started by laying on my little side, on the edge, no big deal. Then I thought to myself…Hum… I have this very BIG bed here, why am I just on this little corner. So I SPREAD out! It was great. Since that first night I have been a crazy sleeper because I can sprawl out! I wake up in the morning with at least a couple of pillows that have gone overboard, I try to make sure no corner of the bed feels left out, and it is awesome!

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Lemme said...

Although waking up with a cold shower is a good way to wake up...I'd much rather prefer a more soothing welcome to the day.

About the maids cleaning the rooms. I ALWAYS put up the 'do not disturb' sign. I mean it's nice that they're willing to clean up but I like it better when they just clean after I'm gone. I'm not into mexican strangers touching my stuff.

HILARIOUS about not letting the bed feel left out too!! We share that in common, thinking that inanimate objects have feelings. It's more fun that way.