Monday, August 25, 2008

Taking Back My Life

Ever since Aug 8 2008 I have been a little pre-occupied with everything happening in Beijing, well I guess just everything that has to do with the Olympics. When I say everything I mean the entire kit and caboodle. The Mexican women winning their first diving medal, the Chinese almost making a sweep in diving, girls who claim to be 16 competing in gymnastics, Nastia and Shawn keeping me up every night, Nastia tying with the Chinese girl on the bars, the cute US diver who didn’t make it to the finals but who is only 15, she will be back and rock our socks off in London, Iraq not being able to compete this year (I am quite mad about that), table tennis, volleyball, water polo, walking, running, swimming (Hello Michael!), basketball, I LOVE the Olympics.

I however don’t have a TV that gets local channels, and it was hard to watch it all on-line because the commentators are not as good, so I scheduled my life to fit prim time Olympics, one day I went early to a work meeting to watch Michael get his 10th gold. Another day I went to the gym, a dirty trick that they play is you can only hear what is being said on the TV if you have the ear phones plugged in and are continuously moving. Seriously, it made me work out longer but I just wanted to watch the dang Olympics! I also stayed a few nights at my boss’s house while she was on vacation. I volunteered for the early shift just so I would have to spend the night and watch the Olympics. I even went and saw my parents who are so blessed to have the magical box of DVR. This helped to provide me with hours and hours of Olympic coverage with the ability to fast forward through the commercials. Thank you DVR!

The Olympics even so graciously ended the day before school started, so I have now taken back control of my life, sort of. Now if I could only convince those professors to not give any homework assignments!

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TipToe through the Tulip said...

I don't think i ever knew you loved the olympics so much! I guess it only comes around every 4 years.. were we friend four years ago? Huh!! Just kidding!!! Of course we were!!!
You should blog about your luggage!!