Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lazy vs. Karma

If you have ever been to Logan you know that there are lots of hills. I live at the bottom of one of those blasted hills which can be good, and bad. Some mornings I wake up and I think to myself, Man I would be way more excited for class if I didn’t have to walk up that hill. Now this is not a small hill, it is quite an incline. Everyday though I think of how guilty I would feel if I didn’t go to class because I was simply just too lazy.

This summer I have had to give a few campus tours and I had a friend who had a class at the same time that I would need to be at campus so I would hitch a ride from her (like I said I really hate that hill). Well summer classes ended August 1, and I had a tour today, so I decided that I would beat the system. I would drive my car to the institute, ask about classes, and park my car at the institute building while I did my tour, just a stone’s throw away from where I needed to be.

I give my tour, it rocked as usual those lucky people (haha) I got done, and start walking home. The walk home is one part of school that I really can look forward too. That means class is over and I just have to make it down the hill which is usually pretty easy (except for when the sidewalk is really icy). So today I did just that, I started walking home. I got down the steepest part of the hill before I remembered that I was so smart and parked at the institute.

Oh Karma, I have to give it to you, you are a tough opponent, but you did well. Lazy, I’m not surprised that you lost. Thanks for reminding me that I should have just walked up the hill to begin with this morning!
Karma 1, Lazy 0


Lemme said...

hahahaha!!! that's awesome!! I KNOW THAT HILL!!! I HATE THAT HILL!!! you should take a picture for the people who have no idea.

The Lewisburg Crew said...

I demand a picture. You are a great storyteller - I am actually laughing right now!

I'm so happy to read what you've been up to!