Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Week of Welcome

I love the first week back to class. I get to see everyone that I missed during the summer, there are always tons of activities going on, and you really don’t have very much homework yet. So far this week I helped at a blood drive and got a cool new shirt for my hard workJ, a free scoop of aggie ice cream, a couple of dinners, a new game day shirt, had a great time at Bingo (that means I didn’t win a single thing) but so far the best part has been floating down the canal at mid-night. You might note that today is only Wednesday so there is still plenty of fun to be had.

Now back to the floating the canal. I have lived in Logan for a year and have always wanted to go and float. It is hard to get a fun group of people to go because everyone always has conflicting schedules. At mid-night on a Tuesday a group of us didn’t have any other matters that were too pressing so we decided that we would take the plunge.

There is construction being done around the place that you get in, and one of the workers saw us. We were all sure that we were going to be busted and get in trouble for being around the construction site, but we were wrong. The worker was from California the first thing he said was wait an f-ing second you are going to do what! Do you know its freezing cold! That was really the last thing that I wanted to hear right then because it was very cold I was doing my best to think warm Hawaii thoughts. After that he told us about working construction in downtown Oakland CA at night and how crazy everyone told him he was, but he wasn’t even stupid enough to try floating down the canal. He was so funny he wanted to have documentation of our trip so we took a picture with him he wrote down the time and went and checked the water temperature. It was in the mid forties. He told us he would try and check on us and let us know that he had emergency heating blankest in the car. He was very nice and hecka funny!

Floating down the canal wasn’t actually too bad, it was a clear night so you could see the starts and the mountains are all around the area. It was a very pretty float, just not very warm. Our little construction worker even went to a couple of spots he could drive close and he really did check on us and make sure we were all still alive. The worst of it was when we had to get out and hike down to the car. The wind was blowing we were all obviously wet, and my legs were numb.
Since I was on the verge of freezing, I got home and jumped in the shower, I was stinging all over! It was like when you sit in a hot tub, run around in the snow and get back in. I even had to pull the extra blankest out of my closet to stay warm for the whole night. It was so fun, I don’t know if I would do it again but I am glad that I did it once!

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thanks...i'm cold now