Friday, August 8, 2008

Sick Car Man

I have a few little repairs that I need to make to my car. Nothing major, just a couple things that would make my driving experience a little better. For example my passenger side mirror is cracked, my built in clock is not working, when I first got the car it has two lighter places which many people no longer use as cigarette lighters, instead they use them as chargers. The one lighter has always been broken, and the other I broke a few months ago when I was messing with my ipod adaptor and I broke part of it off in the lighter. Needless to say it no longer works.

Today I went to stay with my grandma and decided to run a few errands including getting my oil changed. While I was there I decided that I should run to a parts store and see how much it would cost to get these other small things fixed. First I was surprised to hear that a mirror is over 85 dollars. Who knew? Not me! Next I would have to take my car into a Toyota dealer to get the clock fixed, so I don’t yet know how much that will cost. Now for the lighters, I explained to the man what I used it for, my own modern conveniences such as cell phone charger, and ipod adaptor. So he knows that I don’t need the lighter part, I need the other part that is connected to my car (I also explained it to him using almost that exact phrasing). Now I don’t know car slang or terms so he may have been correct when he said to me “so the female part is broke.” Seriously! Why did he have to put it that way! I wanted to gag! I am a little more understanding if that is the correct car term, but if not he is a sick sick perv!!

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Lemme said...

that's how everything is said! you're so funny! even with cables...the famale part is the hole and the male part is the thing that goes into the whole. i'm sure with the way the world is going this will one day be politically incorrect but for now it's this: female=hole; male=pole. and there you have it