Monday, August 11, 2008

Frost Yourself

I really enjoy shopping, especially when I can find a great deal. Well fortunately enough for me there is a rocking store in Nampa called Steve and Berry. Sara Jessica Parker has a lot of clothes there, and to top it off everything is 9.98. Now when I say everything, much to my surprise it really means everything. They had suit jackets, tennis shoes, skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, the works.

I tried on a few things, and decided that I really didn’t need anything, and was also having one of those days where nothing I tried on looked good. I also didn’t have a lot of money, but it was burning a hole in my pocket, so I looked at my next option, jewelry. I had seen a couple of items of jewelry that were on the mannequin that were very cute so I was on a quest. I found the jewelry and saw that they had headbands, necklaces, rings, bracelets, they had it all.

Now here is my train of thinking, at the dollar store, most everything is a dollar, but some things like the candy and smaller items are 2 for a dollar. Well with no sign around I guess I just assumed that jewelry at a store where the sell everything for 9.98 would be the same, 2 for 9.98. Guess what I was wrong. Since it was “designer” jewelry it is still 9.98. Yep one bracelet on the same level of jewelry that you could buy from any Clair’s is 9.98. Might I also add that Sara Jessica Parker should also consider this an insult because they are not considering her clothes designer. Let it be known that I took my 9.98 and went to Bath and Body works and bought some great smelling soap instead!


The Lewisburg Crew said...

Girl! You have a blog! You didn't tell me! HI!

Lemme said...

wow...go claires!

Tina said...

Love your blog! Tiff shared it with me. Steve & Barry's, just down the road from us - next time, CALL MEEEEE!!!! Miss you, see you @ the EISF?

Love, Tina