Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finding my independence in Indy

Having lived away from home since I graduated from high school, and being one of only two children it might be surprising to find I am not very good at being independent. I am a great co-dependent. If I am cleaning I like to at least have someone sitting in the same room and talking to me. I would rather go any type of shopping with someone else, and going to dinner alone is not something I would enjoy or find relaxing.

With all of that being said I am in Indianapolis this week for the National FFA Convention. I don’t have any scheduled meetings while the students that I work with are attending their meetings. Instead of sitting in my hotel room and hanging out or reading all day, I decided that I was going to look around the town. That is right I explored downtown Indy by myself. I wanted to go to the NCAA Hall of Champions, but it is temporarily closed. So instead I went to the Indiana State Museum and learned all about the Hoosier state. By the by did you know that David Lettermen and Orville Redenbacker (sp? ) are from Indiana.

It was actually a very enjoyable afternoon and a great way to help pass some time, but I don’t know if I would consider myself completely independent.


Lemme said...

will you post something!?!?!?!

Greg and Hailey said...

How sad is it that I just now realized that you had your own blog...look what a little time on my hands gets me! I read all your old posts and I'm excited for more! Your awesome!