Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh the Places You'll Go!

I know that I have mentioned that I like to travel, but it seems that once I start I don't want to stop. For example when I get back to Logan I will have been gone for about two and a half weeks. I started off my journey by go to little Manassa Colorado which is at the very bottom of CO, just about 45 minutes from the New Mexico boarder. I went with my mom and grandma so you know that it must have been a party.

One of the events that everyone comes back to Manassa for is Pioneer day, this little town almost doubles in size for the weekend. On the way to Manassa we stopped in Montrose and took my friend Tyler, who is on a mission, and his comp out to lunch. It was good to see him, and very fun.

Most of the weekend consisted of hanging out at my great-grandparents house and letting them talk to all of their family who would just stop by randomly throughout the day.

On the way back to Logan we stopped at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Did you know that the Olympics start next week (8/8/08) and I am a little obsessed. It was fun to see some of the athletes who were preparing to leave in a few days and compete in Beijing.

We finally got back to Logan, I switched suite cases, and then headed to Boise for my FFA meetings. I love the place we are staying! I have a HUGE bed all to myself, there are two, yes two flat screen TV's in my room, and Bath & Body provides all the lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. The sink looks like one you could walk out of the hotel with ( its glued down I did check!).

I love staying in Hotels, I think that I could stay in one for a VERY long time. One of the many reasons is because someone checks on your stuff and makes sure that you have clean towels, a made bed, shampoo and lotion. I may be whistling a different tune after next week but for now its great!

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Lemme said...

PARTAY IN MANASSA!!! Why wasn't I invited?!?!?! Love you Jess!! and I'm glad i could help you figure things out!! looks great!! I'm gonna go stalk your friends now!